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Burger Inc. is a take-away and delivery restaurant specializing in quality beef burgers made from a proprietary blend of Prime A+ grade beef cuts and also serving the original recipe of golden Southern Fried Chicken. Burger Inc. prides itself on serving a truly extraordinary burger on a fresh potato bun baked on premises, topped with a special blend of unique sauces, choice of fresh veggies and of course a flavorful and juicy burger patty.
Burger Inc. believes that the bun is just as crucial a part of the burger as the meat itself, after all the bun is the very first thing we taste when we bite into a burger. That’s precisely the reason why their buns are baked fresh daily on their own premises. All the burgers are served on an artisan Potato bun to naturally compliment the taste of meat. Unlike commercially produced buns which need to have a shelf life in light of commercial concerns, the buns at Burger Inc. are free from preservatives and chemical additives.
At Burger Inc., the fried chicken is cooked to ensure a crisp and golden crust on the outside and juicy flavorful chicken on the inside, without all the fattening and excessive frying oil. The proprietary sauces, such as their Tribeca signature sauce, have been developed by Burger Inc. to compliment the burgers without over-powering the taste of the quality meat. The sauces were developed to compliment the actual flavor of the meat itself, and not to smother or hide the natural taste of beef. They use imported frozen fries, de-starched and fried in pure vegetable oil for crispy flavorful French fries.
The owners are passionate about their recipes and are extremely “hands on” people who strive to ensure that products are prepared as intended, in both flavor and presentation. All recipes, including the beef patty, breading, sauces and buns have been developed by the owners themselves. The owners do not only view Burger Inc. as just a business, instead they see Burger Inc. as a unique business which offers the additional opportunity to provide a quality meal to their valued patrons at a fair price. The owners themselves are involved in every aspect of the business, from the procurement of meat to the preparation of proprietary sauces. At Burger Inc. they believe success is only possible through hard work and staying involved in the day to day operations.
Interestingly enough, when Burger Inc. commenced operations it strictly enforced a policy of hiring candidates without prior experience in the food industry. The reasoning behind not hiring experienced staff and personnel from the food industry is to ensure that none of the bad practices and food preparation shortcuts find a foothold at Burger Inc. Each kitchen staff member has been trained by the owners themselves.
Increasingly, the fast food business in Pakistan has become all about compromising on quality for profits and convenience. Pakistan has numerous establishments that serve burgers, but do not invest their time and energy in making their own burger patties or baking their own buns. Burger Inc. believes that the Pakistani palate appreciates a quality product at a fair price, and if you do things the old fashioned way and invest your time and energy in the very basics of a burger, then the market will recognize and appreciate you for it.
Burger Inc. also believes in transparency with their customers. They cook burger patties and fried chicken fresh and from scratch, and they have intentionally designed their outlet and its kitchen in line with providing this transparency. The kitchen does not conceal any part of the cooking process and customers can see the entire cooking process. The grill, fryers and prep area have been intentionally kept in plain view so that customers have full visual access to the food preparation process.
Burger Inc. hopes that their valued patrons will enjoy the quality of the meat, the simplicity and freshness of the product. From the fresh potato bun to the non-tampered meat, its all about choosing ingredients and condiments that compliment meat as opposed to covering up its actual taste. The team at Burger Inc. looks forward to serving you in the very near future.

  • Beef Burgers
  • Chicken Burgers
  • Southern Fried Chicken
  • French Fries

Catering:Yes, please inquire within for details.
Private Parties: We can provide large orders for your private parties. Please ask one of our friendly team members for more information.
Take-Away Orders:Yes
Delivery: Yes, free delivery throughout Clifton & Defence (minimum order of Rs. 300), charged delivery to other areas and higher minimum order requirements apply.

Delivery Areas:
Please call to inquire.
Minimum Order: Rs. 400 minimum for free delivery in Clifton & Defence.
Delivery Charges: Dependant on area and/or minimum order. Please call to inquire.
Ambiance: Modern & Friendly
Parking: Roadside parking is available
Smoking Policy: Not allowed.
Payment Methods:

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45-C, 10th Badar Commercial Street, Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.
24.7978214, 67.04508639999995
(92-21) 3-524-4184, 3-524-4134

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